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JKG Group, Inc.     References
JKG is a major marketing and corporate communications solutions company.

an American commercial aviation company that provided "on-demand" jet travel.  Mr. Whiteside was instrumental in the process of gathering requirements for Web-based applications.  He established documentation standards, and was responsible for creating and publishing end-user documents and system specifications.

He was also responsible for the design, implementation, and administration of the Web-based knowledge repository. 

DayJet Corporation     Reference
DayJet was an American commercial aviation company that provided "on-demand" jet travel.  Mr. Whiteside was in charge of technical publications for internal user guides and help as well as customer facing documentation. He created the documentation style and standards for reference material, online help, FAQs and technical specifications.

Mr. Whiteside also was responsible for the selection of the documentation and content creation tools. In addition to these responsibilities he was involved in the process definitions for various content/document management activities cutting across the organization.

Republic Services, Inc.     Reference
is the third largest waste management company in the US, and is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Mr. Whiteside was commissioned to create, seek approval of, and publish system requirements and design specifications for applications and reports.

He was also responsible for the development and implementation of standards for written documentation throughout the organization, and facilitated a knowledge management environment by leveraging the current internal network, and utilizing an Intranet via SharePoint.


Champion Solutions Group     Reference
Champion is a premier IBM Business Partner specializing in storage solutions and data center managed services and monitoring.  Mr. Whiteside was responsible for establishing, organizing, and implementing best business practices to ensure efficient internal operations and Client satisfaction.

He also provided the associated process flows and documentation, which included pre-sales and technical requirements, policies and procedures, and user guidelines.



Spherion Corporation     Reference
Citibank International is one of the leading banks in the United States and Latin America.  Mr. Whiteside provided consulting services to the Latin American e-commerce technology development team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  In this capacity, he analyzed and documented the processes being used to develop e-commerce products for South America.

While Citibank International had an established methodology for traditional software development, it did not lend itself directly to the establishment of Internet-based technology and services.  Mr. Whiteside adapted the traditional principles of the Level 3 Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM) to new Internet technology, and performed Quality Assurance functions.



Centrack International     Reference
Centrack was one of the initial
Internet-based information, advertising, and auction services company for the used heavy equipment industry.

As the Director of Knowledge Transfer, Mr. Whiteside was responsible for defining Centrack's system development lifecycle by preparing, managing, and implementing development processes and the associated quality standards, based on the principles of ISO 9000 and Software Engineering Institute's CMM (Compatibility Maturity Model).



AT&T Wireless Services
AT&T Wireless Services is one of the world’s largest providers of wireless communications services.  Mr. Whiteside was responsible for preparing and publishing all technical and user documentation for all intra-department software systems.  This suite of documentation addressed all existing systems and those that were under development.



Mercator Software
Mercator is the leading provider of data mapping and transportation systems that accommodate environments in excess of 25 platforms.  In addition to hands-on writing, the primary assignment was to organize the documentation team, establish and implement standards, and plan the migration to fully electronic documentation, such as CBT and Web-based communication.  A knowledge base was also established.



The Wackenhut Corporation
The Wackenhut Corporation is a worldwide leader in the provision of security services.  The company was in the process of upgrading their business software applications, some of which were included in a suite of applications and others that were developed from user‑defined requirements.  Mr. Whiteside was commissioned to document those applications that were being development in-house, including the development of business requirements and test plans.



CareCentric (formerly Simione Central, Inc.)
CareCentric was a leading developer of home healthcare software systems.  Mr. Whiteside provided online Help systems for the software applications.  He also defined the communications technologies required for integration with CareCentric’s software products.  As a follow up, he directed the implementation of the technologies, and served as liaison for the development and training divisions.



ADT Security
ADT is one of the largest international security services companies and was “re-inventing” itself—much the same way as did Federal Express several years ago.  In addition to a reorganization of the infrastructure, a major part of the entire effort was the implementation of a complete suite of Oracle applications.  Mr. Whiteside prepared and published the Oracle software courseware required for the training of personnel throughout the United States.



Office Depot
Office Depot is the largest retailer of office products.  While the company was proceeding through a potential merger with Staples, Mr. Whiteside analyzed and documented Office Depot’s order entry system (AOPS).  His technical overview provided three levels of explanations, which included users, management, and technical personnel.



Blockbuster Entertainment Group     Reference
Blockbuster is the world's largest retail distributor of video and other entertainment products.  Mr. Whiteside, functioning as the Business Analyst, established and provided system overviews, software documentation standards, templates, and user documentation and graphics.



Burger King (ProSource Distribution Services)
ProSource is a company that was formed from a division of Burger King that provides the distribution of food and other restaurant supplies throughout the US.  The company developed software for sale to restaurant chains to accommodate the inventory and purchasing activities.  Mr. Whiteside designed and implemented user-level documentation, on-line Help systems, and marketing collateral.